Leatherwear industry

Our items play an important role in leatherwear field. Fashion evolution brought us to offer a wide small metal parts’ range that embodies brands’ different styles (rock, casual, vintage, urban style, street style, etc).

Thanks to our proved experience in plating finishings and surface treatments, and a reliable and trackable production chain, Eurominuterie is able to propose different galvanic finishings which add value and guarantee a protection of our items over time.

Eurominuterie produces several types of articles used by the leatherwear branch. The rivet remains the most used article as decoration and garnishment both in double parts and in self-piercing version. It is available with various head shapes (rounded, flat, multifaceted, hammered, etc) or it can also be enriched by setting acrylic strass stones or Swarovski crystals.

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